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What if you could never earn a dollar again in your life, for whatever reason?

How would that impact on your life?

Who are the people it would affect most?

  • Your children?

  • Your partner?

  • Your parents?

How would you pay off any debt?

Where would the money come from to pay bills and cover your living expenses?

What would your future look like?

In the last 30 years I’ve come to know one thing; a lot of people don’t know exactly what they have in the way of life insurance, they don’t understand how it works and they’ve got no idea how to make a claim.

If you get this right and have to make a claim, whilst it might well be a sad time for you, at least you will be able to survive financially.

If you get this wrong, it could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. I can think of one case in particular, only a couple of years ago where someone had to sell their house in a hurry because they could no longer afford the mortgage.

This is where I come in. I’m passionate about getting it right. I believe that by the time we have concluded our first meeting, you will know more about life insurance and its’ associated products than you ever knew before. Any decision you make from there on will be an informed one with a very good understanding of the expected outcomes if you are ever in the unfortunate position of having to make a claim.

Life Insurance companies are there to pay claims. My guarantee is that I will be there right beside you every step of the way to ensure that we get the best result possible.

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